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Buying Avensis 2002 Aura


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Hi there,

Looking a buying a 2002 Avensis Aura 1.6. Have been shown one with 70k on the clock but with a brand new Toyota certified engine just put in to her. This is from a registered Toyota dealer. The dealer told me that the 01 and 02 Avensis had problems with a seal on hte engine and rather than being fixed Toyota are simply replacing any engines with this problem as it was a manufacturing fault. Can anybody tell me if they have heard of this problem and is there anything else I need to know about this model Avensis? Thanks in advance.

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Is it realy 1.6 that you want?? Seems like a good deal to me because of new engine but that engine (1.6) is too weak for the weight of the car. I have 1.8 petrol and it's very good power for the weight, but three years ago I've rented 1.6 Avensis from Rent-a-car and drove for about a week. Noticed that engine is too weak. It was damn hard to accelerate. At that point I've owned VW Golf 1.6 105hp petrol and the difference was big. I was very pleased with accelerating on my Golf and very insatisfied with accelerating of Avensis 1.6. In the beginning of 2005, when I decided to go for new Avensis I didn't even look at 1.6 engines. Went straight to 1.8, after experience with rented one. I've learned at that point difference between the weight/power relation between Golf and Avensis.

My 1.8 showed on the Bosch Test Bank 132 hp and I feel on the road it has much more power then Golf 1.6.

Conclusion: I would never go for Avensis 1.6 petrol, unless you are "Easy Rider". Avensis has more weight then Golf so it needs more power. Be carreful with your decision.

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I had a 2001 Avensis Aura which burned Oil, you will see this in numerous threads here. Dealer spent 2 days strippng engine down and replaced gaskets, I did not get a new engine :ffs:

With new engine you should be OK but another thing to check is the steering rack. I also had a problem with this (and its another common failing on that model). Under heavy load you can hear a loud grinding noise from the steering. It only happened every now and again. The only way to check is fully turn the steering in both directions without the car moving. It may show it up but it might not either.

In the end I just got rid of mine for new model.

Bosnjo, I agree, 1.6 is under powered but in this country it makes a big difference in insurance and tax costs between 1.6 and 1.8 thats why only 10% of Avensis sold in this country have 1.8 engine. I have 1.8 now and I would say that you also get better mpg as engine does not have to work as hard.

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