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After my Daughter had her car serviced by a main dealer she needed to bring some items to their attension. To put you in the picture;

1st. We had filled the screen wash up with additive to the very top of the spout.

2nd When the car came back, I cleaned out the Jets with a bit of wire brush wire. 30 seconds.

3rd Why Oil flush a 2 year old car? "Oil System Clean - Yes this is an "Oil flush".

4th I lifted the wiper arms and Lubed them as well as the rear wiper.Plus the throttle cable, plus the bonnett higes and other bits and bobs, that I could see.

The final bill came to £159, of wich £75 was labour.

The brakes still squeak, although they had used £2.50 worth of cleaner.

The reply letter was as follows...


Firstly let me thank you for your letter dated 3rd August, i have spoken to

the technician involved in servicing you vehicle listed below are my


Screenwash - Yes we did check your washers the technician did put the

screenwash in but i seems that he didn't top up the bottle after testing.

Superlube - When we use this product we do lubricate all door locks and door

hinges, we don't lubricate wiper linkages because on most vehicles the

actual linkage is under a plastic scuttle panel therefore to remove this

their would be a cost involved, so to try and keep the price competivative

we don't not carry out this operation.

Oil System Clean - Yes this is an "oil flush". We carry this operation on

EVERY vehicle that come in for an oil change no matter what age the vehicle


The technician did try himself to unblock the washer jets, he did get them

working better than when the vehicle came in. So in our opinion the vehicle

was safe to drive, he then noted on the Visual Safety Report about replacing

the jets (under the vehicle's warranty).

With your spare wheel i must apologise, Our Technician did check the spare

for damage and pressure but he placed the wheel as he found it, i have

spoken to him about this matter because we know that he should of re-fitted

the tyre correctly no matter how he found it.

I hope the above answers your queries, but please let me offer you a full

valet on your next service in my way of an apology for your spare tyre and


If there are any other problems please contact me by phone or email.

The Dealer is in Devon, She was on holiday here, she lives in Hertfordshire.

Why is it, the Dealers again give Sub-standard service, and get away with it???

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