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Ok Folks

Big apologies for the downtime.. had a right hairy moment with the club database and hoping it stays as it is right now

We managed to save all the posts until the time of downtime. So we are pretty lucky.

Started off I was lying in bed all cosey watching the box when i remember i had not turned the pc off... so i got up and went into the office to switch off all the gear... I noticed matt McNally messaged me to say TOC had errors.

As soon as i spotted the error i knew i was gonna have a long night

after a few hours I could not get the database to restore.. its HUGGGE

After many attempts to upload the back up the server just died on me.

in the end i manage to recover the databse.. but has taken many hours... so lets hope it stays ok.

Future plans are now in development for an easier way to get the back up to import faster.

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you didnt have to stay up all night :unsure:

But we appriecate it so much!

Sleep man sleep

(Dont you have a job :wacko: )

i repaired it in my job.. boss doesnt know what i am doing in a Shell window :unsure:

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