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Could Do With Some Advise


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Im so :censor: off now its unreal.

about a week ago i called !Removed! of Rochdale from a new door swich for my corolla. gave them all the info to the bloke on the phone and was quoted the price of £41.13 i thought great so i ordered it and then waited. next day the switch turned up.

however it turn's out it was for a 5 door corolla. and they had charged me an extra£10. :ffs: damn. so i gave the place a ring back they said " yeah man we'll send ya another one out".

which never turned up. i rang them back and told them again + this time asked for an address after a right misson to get them to tell it me i got it out of them and then sent the switch back. this mornin i give them a ring to see if they got the switch and the bloke was like "yeah got the switch and well refund ya" awsome i thought.

12 o clock came and went so i rang them up and the bloke was like " its your fault we sent the wrong bits as you never said it was for a 3 door!!!" :ffs: he was gonna give me a credit note but i said what the point if you dont do any bits for a 3 door and i dont got a 5??? then he puts the phone down. :censor:

ive emailed him and got him to say hes gonna refund me but keep 25% (12.50 ish) does any one who's still with me know were i stand with this? :help: im really not sure?

ive got a massive headache now! :wacko:

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trading standards

do you have a reciept for it?

unless they stated they offer no form of refund or replacement prior to what ever they are selling you are well within your rights

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I know that if you WENT INTO any reatailer and made a purchase, and inadvertadly bought the wrong thing, the retailer is under no obligation to give a refund or even a credit note for that matter.. however, if the goods are faulty, then a refund should be issued if the costomer wants one. Buying online is different though, I think it comes under the same rules as ordering stuff mail order (if you get me) you should have so many days to return any goods to them without penalty (except postage costs of course) the retailer should refund the money, less their postage costs too.

Its all to do with Statutary Rights etc.. check with your local citizens advice bureau.

It could also be worth remembering that I am up in Scotland.. and the laws could be slightly different.

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sorry to hear that mate,keep pushing till you get your money back.

and if they still dont give it you back

go onto every japanese car site you can and tell everyone how they trade ;)

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That doesnt sound right to me either, I've been hearing an advert on the Radio about calling up somewhere if you want to query a refund (it could be the trading standard agency or something - really cannot remember sorry).

I wouldnt take that from them, you should get a full refund. Also tell them if you dont get it then you will tell all about their service to places like Watchdog/local press/anyone that will listen & that this forum already know plus many more Jap Owners may well find out soon.

The bad press threat is an option that they should deffo want to avoid for the sake of the money they are keeping from you.

Hope you get it sorted,


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ring him up and explain to him that you have been ADVISED to involve trading standards.

but you wish to give him chance to save himself all the mither, bad press , soliceters fees, by just giving you ALL of your money back.

he sold you goods that were unfit for the purpose that they were sold, he is in no way entitled to deduct a handling fee,as you clearly stated the type of vehicle and the amount of doors, it is his mistake and you should not be responsible.

see how that goes down and if he doesnt budge then ring trading standards it will only take 5 minutes and its welll worth it to know that he will be sleeping less comfortably after they visit him :thumbsup:

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