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Speakers - Just Wondering....


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My T2 (as you all know), has 2 Speakers as standard, mounted in the dash.

There are none in the doors like on the T3, but the grills are there.

Has anyone with a T2, fitted Speakers in the door?

Just wondered if it was possible.

Have got sum 10cm Speakers, and was gonna stick them in the parcel shelf, but the front standard speakers are pants for my ultra loud rock music (Green Day!), and I had a thought about gettin sum 13cm speakers for the doors.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere before.


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Ive fitted 13cm into door, but standard ones where all ready there.

I got a speaker adaprter kit from motorworld, to fit new 13cms.

Came with wiring kit etc.

Basically I, and I say I :) think thats all you need.

Plus your 13's that is :yes:

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dont you think mr T just has not got a clue with car stereos?

esp the lack of Speakers,they really should be included when they make

the cars ;)

ok so they would be cheapys and most on here would upgrade them,

but having none at all is just not on these days.

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