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Celica Alloy And Other Stuff...


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hi, having had my Gen 7 for a month now I have grown to love the car!

It has its faults but overall it is superb and the best handling car i think i have ever driven (and i have driven some nice cars)

Anyway, I have been offered a set of 17" alloys for the car but they are off a gen 6 car. Will they fit???



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Yes, you DEFINATELY need to uprate the boot struts... Unless by some freaky chance you already have the uprated ones... Check for the letters 'SP' on the struts somewhere - if they are there, then you're fine.

They are about £60 a side from Toyota. Or go to a breaker, and see if they have any available. There is a sticky at the top of the Celica forum with the number of at least 1 good Toyota breaker.

The struts also do wear out. Mine are labelled SP, and are on the way out. I have to lift the boot all the way up, and when cold, they will slowly slide down again. Very annoying.

As for the spoiler, how much is cheap for you? I seem to remember the Toyota one isn't too badly priced, compared to other new ones available. Don't forget to include spraying and fitting costs in your purchase. And again, try breakers yards, you may get one with a colour match already.

Good luck chap! :thumbsup:

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oh, and if you go the breaker way, and decide to do the boot struts yourself, be VERY careful taking them off the boot lid, and putting the new ones on... heard a few horror stories of people having to buy new boot lids 'cos the mount point has snapped when they're tried taking the old ones off.

Oh, and I don't think I have said... Welcome to the club chap! :D

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