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Hi everyone,

Newbie here, I'm still getting myself up to speed with Celica's so bear with me!

I've decided that the Celica is the car for me and have started looking at generation 4 and 5's. Which of the two do you guys favour and what should I be looking out for as a first time Celica buyer? I'm 50/50 between them styling wise, just need to know which is better to drive and run and what signs might lead to trouble ahead!

I'm looking for a an unmolested example but it would be good to know about any useful upgrades that would be good to keep an eye out for.

If all this has already been posted (which is more than likely!!), just stick a link to the thread up and I'll read it there!

Much appreciated :)

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No point asking me matey... I`m so biassed towards Gen5`s its unreal. :D

Welcome to TOC by the way. Hope you find a good car whichever you choose.

If you really want some impartial advice - I`ll put my impartial head on......

Right. I`m back with my impartial head on....

Gen 4 can be a bit prone to rust (Understatement) Gen 5 is galvanised. And if you were to get a JDM model it will probably be in near mint condition.. Gen 4 was very slightly down on power compared to Gen 5, Not sure of the exact figures. And of course Gen 5 is newer. So hopefully that helps condition/mechanicals. Downside of the Gen 5 is you will pay more for it. IMO....... Get a Gen 5 mate. :thumbsup:

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I love the GEN 4 and GEN 5, but stick with the Gen 5, less problems then the gen 4.

And dont listen to the Gen 6 guys, they cannot see the beauty in the Gen 5. :group-cuddles:

And welcome to TOC

Luv ya all.x

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Hi there

Gen 4, 5 or 6 (Gen 6, Gen 6, go for Gen 6) there ae some lovely cars available. Take your time. Also try a look through some of the footers on the posts here. There are a few chaps with one or more cars who are in the club selling very nice motors. It will give you a great idea of the kind of condition cars available

Check out the web site celicatech.com for good info on the different gen's in addition to what is on this forum, do a search and check the pinned topics

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Back again..

Thanks for all the advice. :thumbsup:

Looks like its going to be a Gen 5 then. It really was 50/50 over which to start seriously looking at, I just needed a push in either direction!

The galvanising on the Gen 5 takes it, plus a newer car should equal less problems :rolleyes: .

I'll shall probaby pop over the next few weeks with a few cars for you guys to vet!

Thanks again

Nick :)

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thank you kind sir... gotta say the galvanising makes a huge difference... the gt4 wasnt even on my shopping list ...i was after a supra or an rx7 or a 200 sx ...being used to turbo`d rwd i was after a bit more power than my 85 silvia ( 1.8) even considered a soarer...but ... i fancied this car since long ago on the playstation i played grand turismo .... had to do it ... happy as a pig in **** now ... and tomorrow it gets a rolling road test at avaturbo near glasgow airport ...75 quid for the run and a tweak ...then i get it down to my new found mechanic ( ah the joy of finding a tool bearing bloke who doesnt just want my wallet ) to fit whatever it takes to restore the original 201 bhp..then maybe a little more ^^

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