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Fitting An Ebc


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doddle mate

couple of wires, namely a power and an earth, some also have a rev pulse sense

and then a small loom to the valve which you drop in between the actuator and turbo

if your confident with engine stuff then its easy

only thing i will say is have a decent boost gauge to set it up properly if your thinking of the Profec normal thing (greddy) the eo1 has its own boost pressure sensor with it, but i still used an autometer gauge to makes sure as i set it manually as the autoset function is a bit pants!

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The Greddy is a good 'un, I went Apexi (got it on the cheap) .. and it's good, but a bit confusing.

It's the same as fitting a MBC but with tapping half a dozen wires into the loom.

Did mine in an hour ..

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only other thing to mention is the tad tricky affair on setting the solenoid

as i said the greddy can actually auto set itself but for me it never seemed to quite pull it off so i went for the manual option, looked a bit complex with solenoid duty cycle an reaction rates but i mastered it in the end

set the duty rate at zero%* then added a couple, test run, add a couple, test run, until i got to about 38% and she runs a perfect 15psi on full bore :D then set the reaction rate, which controls how responsive it is, basically too low and its a little sluggish, too much and it boost spikes! (scary!) but started from the bottom and worked up till it was boosting hard a quickly, yet safely.

also the rev sense can help with the boost curve by allowing the valve to react quicker at higher RPM, a superb feature as it gives you a slightly longer and better power band :yes:

and another thing! you have three settings between OFF (std) and two predetermined settings, ive got one around 10psi and the other at 15psi, and it also has overboost! (scatter boost aswell i think its known) which you can set to come in for a determined time. i have it set at 15 aswell if im running std go, but want a quick shot to get past something for example, tap the button, overtake, then it switches back again! :D

im still really impressed!

*(basically 0 = std boost, 100 = remove the actuator hose.... in theory)

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