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I understand that Toyota state that Brake and Clutch fluid changes are classed as "Over and above" the normal servicing schedule and are therefore chargeable extra.

Harsh.....but sadly true of most manufacturers thesedays :(

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I think you're right, Red Yaris 54. Although 'phoning around the dealers one included the brake fluid change for a quote of £180 for a major service.

Anyway I took mine to the nearest Toyota garage for a major service and was informed that the brake fluid was 25% contaminated and required a change. They adviced of a brake and fluid change for £85 extra. I agreed to the work. All well and good.

The next day I realised I've been had. Why? Because an automatic car doesn't have a clutch and there is no clutch fluid reservoir! I wrote a stroppy letter and complained. The garage 'phone back and reckoned it was a "genuine mistake"! They offered a refund of £45.

It was banked today, ta very much.

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Did they drain and renew transmission fluid then ? ? I wouldn't have thought that needed doing.

If all they have done is change brake fluid and you have had £45 back from a £85 charge then surely it has cost you £40 to get £3 of brake fluid changed ? ?

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