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Do These Look Good?


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Anyone got these fitted or they considered REALLY tacky?  Would prefer one made of metal rather than vinal.  Saw a one on a focus before and looked good.

ebay brakelight cover

Go for it matey! Theres no reason it should look tacky and if it does, just rip it off and throw it away! Couple of quids nothing is it really!

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I removed mine,

After a few months it lost its sticky-ness and started to peal away.

Also you do need to trim it to get it perfect.

This is what it looked like when it was on...


I hope this helps

Also when I first looked at getting one, I thought that they just stick on the outside of the Yaris/Window :blink:

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I know seveer/unaek has one amongst other people!

Yeah, he definately has 1, he advised me on how to put mine on, I think it looks ok, probably wouldnt buy it now though (if I didnt already have it)

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I have one and i think its looks good, although i would advise to get the plastic/metal one coz the sticker one is very fidley and you have to trim it to fit.  :thumbsup:

Yeah, they are quite awkward to fit, but here is a useful thread about how to fit it I've never seen them in plastic or metal so if you see 1 & its easier to fit it might be a good idea to buy it

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