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Yaris Track Day!


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I'm looking at silverstone, grand prix circuit. I just sent them an email asking for their reccomendations, services and facilities that we will be able to access.

I will post onto here when I get the details. I'm hoping that a mass booking will be cheaper, says on trackdays.co.uk that £95 will do it in november the 13th (sunday)

If mass booking is cheaper im hoping to use any extra money that we can get together for food prizes and other little extras. Definitley something I'd like to do.

Will keep updating.

Thanks for the interests guys! :group-cuddles:

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If you stuck it up in generals mate, i'm sure you would probably get alot more intrest in it, you'd need to open to it for more than Yarii though (yes, i know it's a Yaris 'Cup' thing but you could still do your own competition on the day for quickest times etc) and maybe be able to get closer to 6k

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its 6k for off peak period. blimey. I'm gonne try another track, not silverstone.

You will find that hireing any reputable track with marshalls and safety cover is going to be expensive.

Why not try one of the "Track Day" companies that sometimes offer timed circuits on airfields.

TOC held a "Track Attack Day" at Bruntingthorpe airfield last May.

It was a terrific day out and cost around £100 to take your car on the circuit marked out on the airfield with loads of runout areas so that those who lost control did not come to too much grief.

The organisers provided marshalls/fire cover/ full driver briefing and control and spectators were allowed at £5 each.

Do a search on "Bruntingthorpe" on these forums for some great pictures.

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