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From El Salvador


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Greetings from El Salvador.

(by the way, my english is very bad :P )

We will informed into national occurring, as much of the diverse events in which we participated: 1/4 of Mile (Acceleration), Circuits, Rallys, Autocross, Carshow and AudioShows.

A little about my Site.

Street-Touring.com is born in October of year 2003. We are a dedicated page Web and it jeopardize to inform to all the enthusiastic ones into the speed on wheels.

Our pagina Web it is born with the idea to satisfy the necessity with the Salvadoran cybernauts to find a site in Internet where to read and to inquire into local occurring, about the new tendencies of the automobiles, the news on international events related to the speed, cover of national competitions and the Central American region.

We are not a club, we are a VIRTUAL MAGAZINE where podras to find much information related to the vehiculos of serial production distributed in ours pais, local cars of track race as much, rally, acceleration, Shows among others.

www.street-touring.com FULL SPANISH

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¡Geetings mi amigo!  ¡Recepción a TOC UK,  toda la esperanza que usted goza de su estancia con nosotros, y pasamos nuestro respeto a todo el ésos con usted en el Salvador de EL!

You gotta love Google Translator!!  :D

as good as it is. it still makes it wierd when to change it back to english

Geetings my friend! Reception to TOC UK, all the hope that you enjoy your stay with us, and we passed our respect to all those with you in El Salvador of!

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