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It's Here, Finally....

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Well, after a few weeks of far from patient waiting my new toy finally arrived and almost fitted....

At 5am this morning we gave up and decideed just to get it road safe and leave the finishing bits till the weekend, it's taken longer than expected to fit....

Thanks gotta go to Tomadda for the supply, Adam (God) for the superb paint job and Scot (God2) for helping me fit it and only getting 2 hours kip last night.





It's not finished yet as the tidying up needs to be done and side repeaters put back on etc. And I guess the number plate would help (it's in the post) but I like it, the colour is a good match in the flesh, just need to clean the car to prove it !!!

There are more photo's here...

I'm one happy bunny :D :lol: :D

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No, only kidding. :lol: :D :P

Looks cool Ryan. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

What the deal with the number plate then. Will it be fixed different/different shape?

Better watch them dastardly speed humps though...........

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the number plate is in the post, I've got a sticky one on the way so I don't have to have the solid plastic one....

I can just get over the speed bumps in oxford, although I have to breathe in, I do wind everyone up now as I literally have to crawl over them now :)

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Sticky ones - where from & how £££?

Re. speed bumps in Oxford - Never travel through Harlow then. They have popped up in bucketloads down certain roads that I use. Blow 'em all........

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lookin good Ryan, I wanna see it in the flesh now, when's your air intakes coming then? :thumbsup:

One at a time matey.... not sure on when they're coming yet, defiantely not before JAE :(

Can't wait till the weeekend to finish her off, will find somewhere to get some good shots once she's clean so probably not till next week as will do a proper job lol

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