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Retrofit Aircon


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I've just moved to Madrid for work and need, I mean need, air con in the car.

Unfortunately my 160 000km 1993 Carina E 1.6 GLi doesn't have it. Is it economically feasible, or even possible to retrofit air con to this car? It may be asking a bit too much for this engine to drive air con and the car.

Would I just be wasting my time and money....?

Thanks for any replies,


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Well its certainly possible to do it but in all honesty you would be far better advised to just sell up and buy a car that already has aircon.

The expense (or hassle if you DIY) of retro fitting to an older car makes it an ecomic folly.

The worst part I suspect would be fitting the new condenser/heater unit. Generally the heater is one of the first parts fitted on the production line. That means that you have to strip out the entire dash just to get to it.Some makers fit "extra" wiring thats used for options fitted to higher spec' models, if you are lucky some or all of the wiring might be in place(without all the switches, relays, sensors etc) which would make things a lot easier.

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