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I Want To Be An Electrician


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Hi all,

As you may know I am going to start my day job soon but to keep me out of mischief I want to do a job on the side such as electrician or plumbing.

I have just rewired my mate's house and to be honest we did a much better job than the NICEIC registered plank who rewired it 7 years ago. He left

1. a 10,7kW shower plugged into a wall socket in the bathroom :eek:

2. wire going at 45 degrees up the wall in the kitchen :censor:

3. holes in floorboards for the wire at a depth of 2mm :censor:

and for all this gave him a safety certificate! Anyway the council is coming round to check out my handywork because they said I was not competent! :censor:

digressing aside, I was just wondering how easy it was to become a spark? What qualifications do I need and how much am I roughly looking at for insurance and registration and all that stuff? also does anyone know how long it takes?

thanks in advance


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I think to get a electrical/plumbing NVQ qualifaction you need to be working in the industry as they just changed the course just after i qualified as a plumber where now you work is assessed at your work place and then you spend 1 day a week in class doing theory.

But if you can get into these trades you will always have work as there is a shortage of skilled/qualified tradesmen.

Even in my new job i will have to do a course on the 16th edition of wireing regulations

id say the best way to find out though is to ring your local tech college and ask


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thanks for the replies.

I have surfed round my local college's website and found a city and guilds nvq electrical installation, 2 nights a week. £268 + £133 exam fees.

But get this even with a degree in aeronautical engineering, a research paper and an award from the smallpiece trust I have to sit an intelligence test (ala 11+)! :eek:

I hope this course is good, bit worried I may get bored because I imagine it can't be as hard as what i'm used to - might sound arrogant but its not meant to.

oh well we'll see how it goes. :thumbsup:

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Well we just had a electrican round to quote for some work on the house and he was talking about the fact that hes got a severe staff shortage right now....

So there seems to be a definite shortage of skilled electricians about, so like Steve says, there'll be no shortage of work for you....

Good luck! :group-cuddles:

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