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are you ok dude, a few of us were worried about you. waited for you to head down to JAE, but you didn't turn up, came lookin for you but couldnt find you........ spoke to squeeler at jae and she said you wernt very well.... hope your ok dude!!!

oh can i have the ip for the ukds BF2 server??

mods dont be mardy about this thread as a few of us were wondering if he was ok. :)

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Hes ok :D

Been speaking to him a fair bit lately. Hes just having a bit of time out from the site (different illnesses), but he will be back :group-cuddles:

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:unsure: Yeah sorry matey and others. Been a bit "poorly" recently. But Im back now hopefully!!!

Ok IP for BF2 (ranked server 32 players) either do search for UK-D (ukdogsoldiers)

Or IP is......

Hope to see some of you lads in there!!!

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ive got a geforce4

looked it up doesnt seem to run on less than a series 5 :crybaby:

although its got ample memory at 128mb :blink:

and i could do with more ram!

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nooo!!!! :P

Mines running 1.5 gig of ram yeah but I got the Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT (128k) and itll run the game at good FPS with settings all on full(with no overclocks) so a 128 card is fine. :thumbsup:

(in fact the one Ive got is actually better than some 256 cards thats why when I bought it 3 months ago I decided on this card!!)

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