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Fitting Of Tpz439-b0450-00 Spoiler Help.


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Have found PART NUMBER TPZ439-B0450-00 rear spoiler fo my T3 Yaris for £104 inc VAT from local Toyota dealer, duno if thats good or bad, but they want £287 total for spoiler, painting and fitting.

I could get it painted for about £60, but how difficult is the fitting? and would the spoiler come with all the fittings needed to fit a non Tsport Yaris..


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Paint it yourself.

Its not that hard to do.

Go to Local motor Factors.

Most now mix paint using the Toyota paint code.

Get Primer, prepare surface and paint.

You can do a second coat to get the hang of it. Let dry and harden overnight.

Prepare again using fine wet/dry paper and then top coat.

If Metalic wait till nearly dry, then finish off with the Lacquer.

Dont get any runs on it. Keep it warm whilst painting, in the garage this time of year is ok.

Hope this helps.


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actually it's not difficult to install if ure not going to drill inside the car...you just need to buy a special glue (locally from Wurth in malta) maybe you'll find Wurth near you. they use it for installations of fibre kits..you just make some of it in d points where the spoiler will be installed and tape it with masking tape from the roof to the back windshield and leave it to dry for at least 8hrs..

just done this myself couple of weeks ago and it glues perfectly!

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