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Vauxhall Corsa Convertible

jay dh

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searching yahoo for info on the new tigra (not for me) i came accross this comical website that has 10 members!


never knew vauxhall made one! never seen one before. for such a well sold car im surprised i didnt know this model existed.

anyone seen one on here or knew it existed?


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A friend of mine had a Nova saloon convetable.. was in superb condition.. you could eat your dinner off it... again only a few (think it was less than 100) were shipped to the UK.. the rest were in America (i think),

The only 2 problems it had..

!. The hood wasn't looked after and needed replacing (mission impossible to get one.. even the vauxhall dealer didn't know they existed, he had to take lots of paper work to the dealer to proove it was a genuine vauxhall.. and even then they couldn't locate one)

2. It's a Nova :lol:

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