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All New Corolla T2,t3 Tspirit 1.6 Owners


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Please could all you New Corolla owners with 1.6 litre engines or maybe even 1.4 litre tell me if you notice a slight jerking when you release the accelerator pedal? I find it very bad in 1st & 2nd but it is present in all gears. When I release the accelerator pedal the car jerks twice slightly back and forth like a bunny hop. Then when you apply the accelerator there is a slight single ***** or hesitation.

I would have thought that when you release the accelerator pedel, the engine load should just slow the car down smoothly without these first couple of jerks. I will have it looked at next week, but would like some feedback from you guys as I get sick of Toyota dealers saying that all my faults are normal on this model. What a cop out!

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Hi mate

With nine months of using my T-Spirit, and over 14000 miles, i don't suffer with a jerky throttle pedal

The car been good from the first day, and not much has bothered me about the car :D

Will keep you posted, if i do find anything wrong



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1.6 02-registered Corolla T3 here.

About the only thing that actually seems fine is the engine/performance. Generally very smooth, even at very low revs.

As for rattles elsewhere and lights dimming etc... :unsure::crybaby:

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Okay, driven for about 2 hours in stop-start traffic for about 2 hours since my earlier post and wish to change what I said!

There is a noticable "*****" when you first take your foot off of the throttle, then a second smaller one, before it finally slows smoothly. It's not a massive ***** like you would get from choosing a gear too low... it even occurs in 5th at moderate speeds like 30-40 mph, although only very slightly.

I've never noticed it before though really... if you lift the throttle slowly it doesnt happen... the only time I would take my foot off quickly would be if I needed to break... and doing so would make the effects of the engine un-noticable.

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