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Corolla Brakes Prob


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Have a pair of Corollas, one a 52 reg, one bought new from dealer, a 54 reg. Brakes on the former car are great, very sharp compared to old Astras/Metros etc we used to drive.

Brakes on the 54 car are horrible, lot of noise from the assist, and just don't feel very like you're stopping the car - more like making a request and then car decides to stop. But generally, it does stop in a sensible distance.

Real problem is that on a handful of occasions, the car has had a more serious issue - when trying to slow gradually at speed, or braking harder at low speed. First time I though a can or something had rolled under the pedal - pedal rock hard and no response. On pressing very hard car stops as normal, but a bit unnerving.

Dealer has looked twice - second time had a proper look - thought it could be to do with the assist system but couldn't trace or replicate the fault, so wouldn't start replacing things. No other problems with either car, although the older one is starting to see a bit of wear and tear.

Anyone any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks for your help.

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I thought I had a problem with my brakes on my 04 T Sport, I took mine into Bridgend Toyota where the mechanic explained you have to stand hard on the pedals, he's a mate of mine so I trust his opinion's.

What he was saying is it does have to do with the brake assist, i've ridden motorcycles all my life so I like progressive brakes the toyota definatly lacks a bit of feel, I would get the feeling that the car wouldn't slow any faster take my foot of and re-apply hard and the brakes were excellent.

Basically the point he and I am trying to make is when you really stand on them they work try to feed power through them and I think they feel dead (if that makes sense)...

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That does sound like the same thing I've experienced - as you say, they're just not progressive, and don't feel the same as an older car - presumably the set-up on the 52 car might be different.

The 54 car is the wife's so haven't been in on all the discussions she had with the dealer, and didn't get any advice like this - sounds like Toyota Bridgend know what they're on about.

Thanks again :)

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