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Tte Lowering Springs?


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I'm new to the site so hello everyone....

very close to buying an Aygo sport as a car for my week day commute (I drive an MR2 turbo and 80 miles a day is proving quite expensive on fuel & tyres!)

Want to get the sport because i want metallic paint etc but also because it seems to be the only way I can get a rev-counter and I cant do without one!!....

BUT....now looking at the TTE options and while most of them are purely cosmetic I'm wondering how much difference the lowering springs will make to the handling?

I've test driven one and although you do sit fairly high up it doesnt seem to have too much body roll...but i'm wondering if lowering it will help things or just ruin the ride....

any opinions/advice would be great


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generally lower springs mean stiffer springs so it will make the ride stiffer. Whether or not it ruins the ride quality is another matter however. I guess as these cars are so new nobody has experience of what the lowered springs are like.

If you felt that the stock car was a bit soft, then it might be an idea. Only way to find out is suck it and see.

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Thanks Lauren...

just feel that as I'm not buying it for performance I might as well make it as much fun as possible over the B-roads ;) ...

really enjoyed the test drive, we were 4-up (all adults) and I was impressed by how it did considering the size of the engine...

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