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Hi all ive just joined up to TOC after getting some help from a member (Stevetubbyturbo) who found out what was the problem with my Lucidia import.

I brought the car 18 months and shortly after buying it delevoped this horrible loud rattle so i took to a local diesel specialist who said it was my camshaft so he replaced the camshaft at a cost of £500 and it still made the noise then shortly after the thermostat went and caused the cylinder head to crack.

So i took it back to the diesel specialist who replaced the cylinder head at a cost of £1100 and it still made the noise.

They have had the car back and forth several times and been told the noise is everything from piston slap to the bottom end is shot and ive spent over £2000 on it by now.

Anyhow I didnt realalise that my nephew in law Steve (stevetubbyturbo)used to be a mechanic and he was over ours tonight when i asked him what he was driving now and he said a Hilux Surf import and i told him i would never have another import again as the trouble i have had with mine so steve said he would have a look and within 5 mins had found the problem what the specialists couldnt find in 18 months :censor: he found it to be a coupling that drives the alternator, power steering, A/C and cooling fan and steve is going to relpace it soon for me.

And this is how i found the Toyota Owners Club.

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I was thinking a very similar thing myself when i was looking at the car but the best bit Wayne had even got a spare coupling in his shed so no need to go and buy one :thumbsup:

But its going to be a big job as it really can only be accessed from the front of the car so most of the front end is going to have to come off along with the radiator alternator P/S pump and hopefully i can leave the A/C pump in place as i dont want to remove that :ph34r:

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