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Blinder Jammer X-treme ?


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Hello spead freaks!

Does any of you have any experience with lidar (laser radar) jamming devices? i've been reading about for a long time and came to the conclusion that the best one out there is Blinder's Jammer M20 Xtreme. unfortunately, the pricetag is quite nasty, it costs 500 euros here. any tips, helps and advices would be reallly useful!

note: no, i dont want a jammer to speed through the city or go a million km/h on the highway. the police is extremely crooked here and they intentionally set up or leave behind speed limits signs that make no sense (60km/h on some highway parts, !!! 20km/h !!! on some ex-construction sites in the city and so on and so on). i dont wanna put up with their :censor: no more. i pay taxes, i want my freedom to drive NORMALLY!

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