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Kev Mc

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Just been watching Steve (Red_Yaris_54)'s Yaris on Men & Motors (congratulations again, Steve :thumbsup: ) & when the fella was talking about a different car he said that there was no service history but he could get a duplicate off a dealer.

This car was still under warranty (under 3 yrs old from memory), I have a 2000 Yaris GS 1.0, would I be able to get a duplicate of my service history from Mr T or is my car a bit old or something?



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Thanks kev.

If it's been dealer serviced I think that they should be able to provide a duplicate...............but I think it may cost you.

Give them a call with VIN /Chassis number/registration details and see what they can really do........and let us know if you are successful :thumbsup:

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Shouldn't be a problem to get the dealer history of the car from the dealer (possible, as steve said, at a cost) but any servicing not carried out by the dealer won't be on their records.

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I bought my mota with a bunch of Toyota service sheets.. and receipts etc.. btu there was no service book with the appropriate stamps in there...

So i rang the garage up all the way down in Worthing.. and after a few chasing calls managed to get a book filled out with my service dates and stamps accordingly.

They will hold your car reg details and a history of what its had done.. didnt cost me a penny.. :yes::thumbsup:

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