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Just got back from the cinema tonight... watched this with a mate after hearing some good feedback from some friends..

Excellant film!... somehow they have managed to blend some light comedy with a very powerful film about racism in todays soceity..

Its so intense in some of the scenes... great movie.. B)

Great viewing.. was a little dissapointed at the ending.. but cant say it was that bad...

I would defo reccomend this to anyone... :yes:

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I started watching that last night but got too tired half way through. Will finish watching tonight. I was a bit shocked by the amount of racism in it so far though. Espicially when the cop starts mollesting the black woman

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Rich has seen it, but I didnt fancy it - I tend to stay away from anything with Crash in the title for fear of fate! lol (Apart from Crash Bandicoot! lol)

He said he thought it was really good!

It aint a violent film as such.. not gory at all.. if thats what your tyring to stay away from..

And yeah.. its main theme is racism.. but i like the way its been made..

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