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Exhaust Fitting?


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check out the for sale section, i believe danny's fujisubo backbox is still up for grabs, gd price as well..

i've seen a few 1.3 SR with the same fuji back box, so it'll definitely fit


Ray :)

Thats the one I want to get. Just wana make sure it'l def fit befor I spend any money. Im guessing the exhaust system is more or less the same on an SR as it is to an GLS??

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well the exhaust im selling is the Fujitsubo Powergetter, and it definately fits the t-sport and the 1.3 sr. anyone confirm if it will fit the 1.3gls? im pretty sure it will! as for fitting, most garages will charge about £15-20 to fit it, as its a simple swap over procedure taking about 20 mins or so! :)

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