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Aftermarket Head Unit Photos


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this is mine, havnt got pic of it in car tho, fully motorised which is cool, and mp3, which is why i bought it amoungst few other reasons.


i miss my pioneer tho, tempted to go back to pioneer, just love their headunits

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this is my pionner avic x1r dvd/sat nav/mp3 headunit with all sorts of cool things, including touch screen, custom backgrounds, motorised screen, inputs for reversing camera, digital radio, tv tuner, games consoles, the lot!

and its up for sale too (Check the for sale section). Company car is forcing a very reluctant sale :(




Cost £1500, will sell for £800

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i really couldnt be bothered to put my Pioneer HU in so i stuck with the standard indash one, wired up a RCA preout adapter up to the dashboard channel and then put my sub and amp on to that.

i was told that if i did that i would loose the channel, but i used those blade/scotch clips and i still got to keep those 10cm Speakers!

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