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Delimiter Chips


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I expect these have come up god knows how many times, but are these things any good, and do they do what these guys say they do???


and does anyone know how hard they are to fit, could a novice do it or is it a !Removed!??? I know that the clocks will have to be sorted out to read miles and not km's as mines an import, so also does anyone know who does this legally??? as I 'm assuming I cant do it with the drill!!!!! :ph34r: :P

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you only get one from them, it's the same one i've got, not had any major problems with it, only fault i've found is when i hit hte horn the speedo jumps up about 20 mph then straigh back down, thinks thats just due to my rush job to get the car back on the road tho

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please buy one from www.eliteinternational.co.uk  , a speedo converter from kmh to mph is able to delimit the car , so only one is suffice. :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

ok just looked on the site, but what one will i need, the speed delimiter, or the speed converter?????

I guess it would be the converter as what I really want is to get my celica reading in mph instead of kph

cheers guys

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