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17's On A Starlet Sr?


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Nope i've removed the front arch liners tho also my car is on a full Tanabee sustec suspension set-up and is very hard and not really low so i'm ok.

But i know the guy that had the silver one that was featured in Redline a while back did have to have his done.

Depends how low you want to go basically.....



This is the silevr one :)


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I've fitted 17s to my EP91, I've konis with Fensport lowering springs!!

And yes I did roll my arches, I suggest the best course of action is to get your arches cut back and welded since it is going to the bodyshop anyway!!

Tyres are really important as well. Not sure where you go but AP Tyres are really good. I changed my rear tyres last week and got some Falcons, they have a sloping tyre wall!! So mine don't catch at all now!!!

Hope this helps

Nath :D

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tyres are no probs as i have a direct account with Brighstone. i think i will have the arches rolled whilst its in because i am trying to slam it 90mil on my coilovers.

cheers for the help

Matt :D

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