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Acceleration Problem And Popping Noise


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Hey guys, hope i'm posting this in the right forum...

so i bought this 2001 lexus is300...here's the problem:

whenever i pin the gas pedal it hesitates a few seconds before kicking in to accelerate, and then it doesnt seem to give full power and speed up quickly, even though the RPMs are running fairly high. also sometimes there is a popping noise from under the hood, like something is backfiring (also occurs when i put the gas pedal full down)... any ideas whats going on? a friend mentioned the air/fuel mixture could be off......?

any help would be great



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Hi and welcome to TOC.

Unfortunately I don't know much about Lexus. I do know that you guys on the otherside of the pond have much tighter regulations over emmissions and emmission control systems in your cars effect the fueling etc...

You would probably get a better response from one of our sister sites:

Lexus Owners Club Link

In the above link you will find some very knowledgeable people and links to Lexus Owners on your side of the pond :thumbsup:

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