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Door Locking!

Melanie M

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:angry: We bought a brand new RAV 4 XTR two weeks ago, but have RF interference in my area affecting the remote central locking. The vehicle has been back to the dealership, and had various sensors replaced, but the problem still persists. The RAC have scanned frequencies and not found anything specific, but we still cannot guarantee to be able to open the vehicle with the remote at any time. This has meant several mornings of opening the car manually, and setting the alarm off, then driving a mile or so to open and close the car with the remote. If we lock the car using the internal door locking button, we cannot set the alarm... any ideas?
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Tis true, holding the fob to your head does indeed amplify the signal, it uses you as an aerial of sorts :P

I did this with my Yaris once as me and the guys were seeing if the remotes would work from quite a distance away... mine did! :P

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