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Cracked Alarm Button


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i hope that's just a case of cheap plastics on the key fob rather than a reflection on the car.... the quality of plastics on the actual car looked pretty good to me (for the price) although some of the finishing touches (rear Speakers??! gear knob) were a bit rough.... - as other people have already mentioned

would appreciate to hear what you think about the car in general....

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To be honest I think the car is fantastic, especially with regards to the engine and handling. Overall quality (finishing, plastics used) is also very good.

My previous car was a Peugeot 206 CC, excellent looks but worst car ever produced IMHO, that's why I 'm a bit skeptical about some parts of the console (these are made by PSA you see...).

Also, the preinstalled car stereo is crap, especially the Speakers. I already changed this to my trustworthy Pioneer P80 with Focal Speakers at the rear and Pioneer at the front.


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The moulding in the hazard light button appears to have a crack in it, I understand that this is just a cosmetic but annoying fault and is known to Toyota

My son got his hazard light switch replaced under warranty, when his car was 2 weeks old

Might be worth asking your Toyota dealer if they can change the switch under warranty

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