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Changing Radio 1998 Corolla

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I want to change the radio on my 1998 Corolla.

(a) Can anyone tell me how you remove it from the fascia?

(B) Also, what type of connectors are there to the standard radio once I have removed the radio?

© I assume the radio is standard fitting?

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The first thing you need to do is remove the air vent panel under the "pod". Do this by pointing each vent towards the roof to give you something to grip. Then gripping a vent in each hand pull the whole thing outwards from the dash. There is a clip on each side of the top of the panel which you will need to depress (try a thin screwdriver for this) to allow it to be completely removed. Don't forget that there is some wiring going to the back of the hazard warning light switch so don't yank it out in case you damage something. If you remove the wiring connector from the back of the switch you can put the panel to one side before you continue. Take a look inside the dash and on each side under the "pod" you will find a stud head that you can remove using a 10mm socket and extension bar. With the pod brackets unbolted use the flat of your hand and give the top of the front of the "pod" a sharp push in an upward direction. The front of the "pod should lift away from the dash top. There are two clips on the bottom of the "pod" which should now be disengaged and this will allow you to pull the whole thing towards you to pull out the clips at the back. Disconnect the wiring connector and the aerial lead from the back of the head unit and you can now remove the screws holding the head unit to the brackets. It shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes the first time and the more you do it the more confident you will become and the quicker it can be done. Installation is the reverse of the above.

OK here's part two explaining how to remove the panel from the centre console.

Remove the three rotational heater controls by pulling towards you. Underneath there are two Philips head screws to remove. Also pull off towards you the plastic end piece of the air control lever and be ready to catch the small piece of transparent plastic that will fall out. This is the bit that lights up when the external lights are switched on.

Pull out the ash tray at the bottom of the console and use the upper part of the hole to give you a grip on the bottom of the panel. Pull the panel towards you and you should find that it starts to come away from the bottom. A steady continual pull will free the panel from the hidden clips that secure it in place. At the top the panel appears to be fitted under the surrounding trim. Place your fingers behind the console panel and gently ease the panel out from the trim above it. You will find it easier to do this if the air vent panel has been removed first – this allows the trim to flex more easily and makes getting the panel out a simpler job.

On the rear of the panel there are several wiring connectors in the back of the switches. Removing the connectors from the switches will allow you to put the panel to one side while you continue.

The lidded box is held in place with a bracket on each side and the each bracket is fixed to the car with two screws – one top and one bottom. Using a phillips screwdriver remove the screws and withdraw the box. The brackets are attached to the box with two more phillips screws – again mark the bracket so you know where the screws came from.

*Copied from a thread by ae111sr - there was too much rubbish in the thread - these are the bare essentials! Good luck!


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