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1.8vvti Remap/chip ?


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Hi, just bought a gen 7 Celica and loving it! It's the VVTI 140 and am looking at getting more power from it, without bolting on turbos or anything just yet.

Other cars I have taken to local brand specialists and had remapped etc. Are there any recommendations on remapping the ECU or having it chipped? Are there good tuning companies with good maps, or are there a particular chip that is recommended. Also how much is it likely to cost and whatgains are there?

Many thanks Dan

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If I can't remap it or chip it, what's the next best thing to do to get a bit more torque or power out of it? Is changing the flywheel an easy job? How much is a lighter one? Is there a website with tuning parts on for the Celica?


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