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ok so my orignal post about my MR2 window got moved to the corolla section but hey whatever.

for a while my drivers side window has been making a funny clunk noise when it go's up. well the other day it failed to go up all the way ( and you guessed it it was raining)

anyway took off the door skin, then the plastic sheet thing, to find one bold had come out and was floting in the bottom of the door, this bolt was one that held the motor in place, and the rest of them were loose as well.

so if your window is acting up it's probbly loose bolts!

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Window regulator!!!!

The bolts work loose, then when you keep putting your window up and down ( over a long period ) there is slight movement and it eventually shears the lugs off the regulator.

3 out of the 4 lugs had sheared on mine.

If you take the regulator off you will prob find 1 or more have sheared or at least cracked ready to shear.



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