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Carolla Sat Nav


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After waiting 4 weeks, I will be collecting my new Carolla T-Spirit tomorrow afternoon!

Despite ordering it when we ordered the car, the dealer reckons that it will be hard to obtain the French sat nav disc. This worries me a little bit as I was hoping to have it in time for a trip to France in two weeks.

Has anyone got any experience of getting hold of non UK sat nav discs? Is there any other route to go down other than getting it from the dealer?



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Just after starting this topic, the dealer phoned me to say that they have fitted the DVD based navigation to my carolla which means that the whole of Europe is on one CD.

I have already paid £135 for a French CD which is no longer needed. So he has offered my this supaguard protection thing for £135 instead of the usual price of £347.

Anyone have any experience of this?

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Just remember not to use any abbrasive washing liquids or it'll come of quickly.

A friend had his car valeted at a garage, didn't tell them he had supergaurd and the materials and washing method they used cleared the car of it, if it's looked after its a big help though :D

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