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3s-fe Engine


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Well, as it says under the title - my engine seems to be pinking under acceleration. It also doesn't seem to be as rev happy as Toyota engines are normally either.

Any ideas? Have checked the vacuum lines (well the ones I can get to). Theres also a sort of quiet whistle sound during acceleration too, but that happens lower down the rev band than the pinking.

I'm kinda hoping that maybe this has happened to a few people before, and it's a common problem. But as toyotas are generally reliable, I may be on my own.

You also may have noticed that i've discussed my engine feeling not so rev happy in other posts, so this may be what's causing it.

Thanks for any replies in advance!

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Have you tried putting the std air filter back in - might just be a different induction noise rather than pinking.

Either that or it could be some poor petrol - are you using cheap supermarket stuff or branded - might be worth an optimax fill-up just to see ...

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I think the "quiet whistle sound during acceleration" is common on the RAV's. I have it and I seem to remember a thread about it as well, it's just induction noise as the air moves into the engine I seem to remember.

As for the fuel, mine has only ever had supermarket fuel and it runs like a dream, but then it is only 18 months old

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It's always had the whistle since i've had it. But it's definately pinking. It's really flat above 3000rpm.

It's got nowt to do with the air filter i'm afraid either.

It's a pain in the bum though!! :D

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