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Screen And Dvd Player


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I ve been looking at getting a budget flip out screen and dvd player for my MR2. I ve looked on ebay and theres so many on there I don t know what to go for! Has anyone bought one from ebay, if so which one and how have you found it? Im after a double din setup, ie screen in one unit and player in the other. Nothing too flash just something I can have the sound coming through the Speakers (not built in ones on the screen), removeable face plate and plays copied dvd s and CD s. Any thoughts much appreciated. Cheers

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I bought a kenwood tv from ebay I wanted a good brand as I have learnt my lesson with cheap tft screens (pixels die all over) so personally I would pay the extra for a good make. Why not put a ps2 in the car? I have my ps2 behind the seat fits where the t-bar goes and still leaves plenty of space for the t-bar and its a 10 minute job to convert your ps2 to 12volt.

Better still get a slimline ps2 and put it under the seat. Just ordered my slimline off ebay.

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good idea. seem to remember someone on about the same thing at york  :D top day!  hows it goin lad?

lol yeah so do i. guess i nicked it off him :D

not bad at all fella. One step closer to sellin my 2. Hand picked the pics of her looking at her best and downsized em to post, so i'm slowly but surely getting there!

but an xbox is the size of a small village....

It's small for a PC though... Why imagine the buzz you'd get when you show all yer m8's tha u've got LiNUX in the car!!!!... so it's just me then... :ph34r: haha


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