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Need Urgent Advice: Temp Warning Light


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Well, tomorrow I'm supposed to head off to southern France from Milan (8 hour drive) and it's a saturday and coming home from picking up a friend at the airport my temperature light starts blinking red. I pull off the highway and can't see anything out of the ordinary other than some coolant liquid having spilled out over the plastic reserve tank. I got to a Toyota place right before it closed and they said the radiator needs cleaning and something about the engine not getting enough air (my Italian isn't that good) and said if I don't drive to fast I should be OK driving to France, and that the blinking red warning light isn't as bad as the solid red warning light.

Any opinions on this? Should I go ahead and go but take it easy, or screw up my plans by two days to get it serviced (ealiest they could do it would be Monday of course and naturally that will take a while. I'll be in Perpignan for a week and probably could have it looked over while I'm there...

Would appreciate any thoughts. It's a 2002 Yaris turbo diesel...


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sorry mate, I can't really help...

As a temporary measure, why not try removing the baffle panel behind the upper grille (the grille that lifts with the bonnet). This might let a little more air in although it will stop as much going to the intercooler meaning performance is down a bit. Otherwise I'd say the obvious - keep water in the car and go easy taking regular stops.




PS Welcome to the club :thumbsup:

PPS Perpignan is nice - have a good time...

Edit: Here are the details of the Toyota Dealer in Perpignan from toyota.fr:-


Espace Auto.Chemin la Fauceille






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