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Prado With 180 Litre Tank


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Don't really know but I suspect that the long range tank, provided it has been professionally installed, would pass the inspection. I can understand the reason for it being fitted in Australia due to the size of the country, but over here apart from the cost of filling it up, and the extra weight hence less miles per gallon is I think a bit pointless,

Don't get me wrong if you need a long range tank then ok I have heard of them being fitted to other makes over here that use a high mpg. consumption.

Even if it is not allowed there is nothing to stop you converting it back to a normal tank apart from the cost involved.

If it were me I wouldn't import from Australia the transportation costs must be enormous unless you have someone in the container business that will do it for you cheap as in part return load.

Most of the Prado,s that you see over here are from Japan where their equivilant M.O.T tests are so strict and costly that the Japanese find it cheaper to buy new.

One thing you have to be careful of when importing is that the emmissions are ok for this country as well as brakes lights etc etc.

If you have never imported before then if i may i would strongly suggest you study up on the requirements to meet our car laws against an import, even down to speedo clock reading MPH/ KPH.

Unless you are absolutely sure that this car has exactly the requirements that you need for example service history miles covered, even down to the correct engine,

Yes often the engines are swapped for Nissan etc to meet the needs of those in their particular country.

Get as much paper work on the car as you can then cross check it with Toyota to see that nothing has been altered from the original speck.

After all that if you stil want to buy it you have done everything possible to get a good car. May even pay to get a mechinacal report from a motoring orginisation

as well while the car is still In Australia. Remember its a long way be to send faulty goods.


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yep as said it would possibly be cheaper to buy a jap import prado and import a tank from australia and fit it here, or get a tank custom made, thats if you need the extra fuel , but considering it'll cost nearly £170 to fill it up at the mo you have to ask do you need it

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