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Corolla 1.6sr

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Corolla reliabilty, thats there biggest selling point of them they just keep going and going, I work has an area security guard and spend countless hours and miles in mine upto 25k+ a year and mines been faultless. My dads had 2 avensis's and compared to ford, vauxhall, fiat and rover me dad never knew a car could go between services without bits dropping off or the breaking down. If your after a reliable fuel efficent car thecorolla will suit your needs fine. The vvt-i untis are very willing and give a good burst of speed once over 3500rpm. Can not comment on the old 1.3 and 1.6 units the only lean burn unit i've drove was me dads old 1.8 avensis thats seemed to be focused more economy that out right performace. The way me dad looked at it how many people can say they get upto 50mpg out of a 1.8 petrol car.

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They may not be very tuneable but with research there's always ways and means to change that.

I've got the older 1.3 engine in my 1997 G6, I've had it from new and I've now got almost a 144,000miles on the clock. It still doesn't smoke (*touches wood). No expensive problems except for gearbox bearings, but that was due to my bad (enthusiastic) driving and it was only expensive because I used toyota labour (£70+VAT)

Cons - difficult to heavily tune engine.

but if you improve:

handling:- Suspension (Fensport/Envy), wheels & tyres

Breathing:- Air filter, Exhaust (Fensport)

You'll get the best out of what you got.

Pros - Reliability, ok performance, low(ish) running costs,

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I didn't clarify.

My Pros & Cons were referring to Jonnysmiths 1.6 VVTI engines being difficult to heavily tune without major work (this is based on my LIMITED knowledge of course).

I'm sure someone from Envy/Prolex/Fensport will have more accurate facts.

If I could afford to upgrade to a 1.6 VVTI I would.

Sorry Jonnysmith didn't mean to 'jack your thread.

Bottom line Jonny - Corolla 1.6SR reliable and quick enough to get you in trouble

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