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Starlet Ep91 Body Parts


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Hi all, i had a stupid accident last night and ran into the back of someone on a roundabout, not my week.

I need a bonnet, front bumper and two front wings. If anyone knows of any starlets being broken for parts or if anyone has any of the above please dont hesitate to get in contact with me asap.

If it turns out to be too much i may just buy a cheap n/a starlet and transfer everythin across so if anyone knows of one that needs a new home let me know!

Thanks, toby :(

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hi Tim, thanks for replying so swiftly, did you mean you have 2 front white wings, if so il take them both!! May take the glanza lights as well if i can find a glanza bonnet and bumper, I sold one two weeks ago!!

Pm a price if you could mate, thanks again Tim, tobs

I cant remember if you had a fcut or not? thanks

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Thanks for the u2u tim. Give me a couple of days as i might decide to go down a different route, maybe rwd time!

I should have a fiat cinq to borrow so at least i still have wheels for the next few months.

Im considering keeping all my mods and selling the car as a rolling Shell with the gt engine, gearbox, driveshafts, hubs and breaks all left in, this would make an ideal car for a uk n/a spec owner as the loom and ecu have all been lengthened/spliced and is ready to go!! I will post about it soon.

I think that will be my best option but am gonna give it a few days to think over!, thanks mate, tobs

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