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Technical Information On Cd


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Not heard of the manuals being on CD - Haynes do a USA version manual and I think Toyota do a series of (expensive) proper work shop folders ...

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Sorry to say ,not much about for the Rav4 :( , Toyota dealers have a CD ,that the technicians use in the workshop, but its no good to us, as it only works on the Toyota's in house system.

You can get a USA disc of Ebay, but only seems to cover the early model, the only other option is , a USA Haynes or chilton manual, it covers all the main items in good detail, so could be a help to you :thumbsup: .

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Mitchel repair manuals do a disk version in America. I know it's not to european specs again, but they aren't that different really.

I have an older version of the mitchel repair disks, and it covers Lexus model. But have just found out that it covers Toyota's up to 2000 as well. It's very useful, because it is based on Toyota official technical info.

may be worth a look! :thumbsup:

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Does anyone have or know where you can get a disk for repairing the RAV. I have got one for my wifes BMW MINI and it is brilliant.

I am mainly looking for details on how to remove interior panels and trims so i can add various mods i have planned.



Paul, you don't say what year your Rav4 is :( ......just for future reference :thumbsup: .

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