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Car Problem Got Me Foxed


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The heater is not working on my Toyota Hi-Lux 2.8 non turbo diesel 4 door pick-up (K-reg) and it's got me foxed

The Matrix is not blocked (used a garden hose and pushed through water both ways) the valve is opening, when removing the hoses either side of the matrix I get a flow, the water is hot but I only get just a little heat out of the system in the car.

Oh I have also squeezed all the hose around the system to try and remove any air locks and it's not low on water

This problem happened all of a sudden, not after any work.

I'm still absolutely stumped on this one, every test I try say's it should be working but it's not

I do have a flow through the matrix and the water is piping hot, I removed the inlet and the outlet pipes again and I have a flow.

I'm 99% sure that your normal airflow goes through the box with the matrix? The only difference is either the matrix is hot or cold, so a don't think it's anything to do with the vent controls

Can anyone think of anything else it could be? as I'm running out of idea's as everything seems ok.

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Sounds as if you have been thru everything except the electrical side.

Does the heater have a fan? and is that fan working. You don't mention anything about it so I presume you have not checked it out< I.E blown fuse or fan seized up broken wire,or something like, or even faulty heater switch.


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i'd be most interested in the answer as well my hilux has the same problem

it's a k reg 2.4 turbo diesel and all i get out of the heater is luke warm air at best i've put a new stat in it and checked for flow and the valve and the blower is working. the only thing i have noticed is the heater pipe in is hotish while the heater pipe out is only luke warm is this just a thing they do?

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