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Need A Favour!


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Seen a set of seats today Which are :drool:

But as our Toy is in the paintshop still :ffs: can't measure the seats to see if they will fit :rolleyes:

PLEASEEEE Can someone tell me how high the back is(from inside the seat), how wide the seat is, and now long the base is.

Thanks for any & all help.


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Paul, sorry just seen your post or I'd have replied sooner.

This is from a Mk2 Rev 3 T-Bar with leather seats.

Height of seat measured from the seat base (inside) is 63cm. That's not including the headrest. Note the seat on mine actually hinges about 7 cm from the base - thus, the first 7 cm of the back of the seat is built into the base. 63cm dimension includes this.

Length of base measured from the seat back (inside) is 46cm.

Width across the base including side bolsters is about 52 cm at the widest point. Width of panel between the bolsters tapers from 35 cm at the front to about 31 cm at the rear of the seat base.

PM me if you need any other dimensions.

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