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Radar And Lidar Jammers Vs Speed Tickets


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Hi everybody, and hopefully more people will check this post out than in the electronics forum :cacker:

i'm sick of the domestic police playing highway robbers and tricking people any way they can (60kmh signs on HIGHWAYS, 20kmh construction signs NEVER removed etc). i've been looking around for radar and lidar ( = laser rader) scanners and jammers and found only one that seems to work well. it's the Blinder Jammer m20 Xtreme. supposed to offer complete front&back protection with 97% chance of jamming. BUT, this puppy costs a hefty 500 euros to get it installed.

does anybody have experience with this one, or any other jamming devices???

come on people, i know you're sick and tired of the highway robbers... err... i mean police. i dont want to drive like a maniac, i just want to drive _normally_.

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truth be told you have 3 seconds to slow down before the cops re ping you with the lazer , if again they get no reading they will give chase , wondering why the lazer didnt give a reading , strip your car and land a hefty fine or even impound the car , thats in the uk of course.

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