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Pics Of My Rolla


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hey finally got a couple of pics to show you lot thanks to mike! :thumbsup: these are a few months old now as ive now colour coded my side strips and painted my calipers n drums and i also got rid of that nasty tax disk holder, wil b adding new pics soon! check these out n let me know what you think.......nice comments plz lol!




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cheers guys! Yeh i agree wud look better with colour coded handles and doors, just dont know where to get them from n how many pennies? with those wheels/tires it corners miles better, feels like it wont giv when pushing, and it doesnt wheelspin no where near as much as it did, they were skinny 14"s originally lol.

As for whats next, i need my wheel arches on the back rolling as my wheels catch when going over speed bumps and cornering fast etc... I would also (as mentioned) like to lower and stiffen up the suspension. Im also after a decent sports backbox..... and that lot shud keep me happy.....4 a while. Got to be careful as im actually a learner driver waiting for my test and the insurance quote ive been given was stupid!

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