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Automatics Questions / Compass Problem


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I'm quite new to automatics, in my Prado there is a button 2nd start and ect power. Thing is the manual is in Japanese.

Could someone please let me know why andwhen these are needed to be used ? Using 2nd start does it reduce fuel consumption(don't know much about vehicle stuff).

Another problem I got is the instrument panel, the one with the compass, tachometer, etc ... the compass is an electronic one and only show N N N N all round, anyone know what to do with that ?


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The ECt button is like a sports mode on the gear change , it will hold the gears longer giving more power and torque , good for when towing uphill .

On the compass you should have a reset button , if you have press it and the drive round in 360 deg , this should help it correct itself .

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