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Quick Splitter Question


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Can anyone tell me what splitters celicas have as standard? I have the 2.0 gt 1995, and it has nothing at the back but does have a small black rubber peice under the corners of the front bumper. Are these the splitters?

I think i have seen so many celicas with aftermarket splitters that i dont now know what is standard anymore???

The reason i am asking is that i have found someone with some original splitters for sale but i am wondering it they are just the little rubber bits i already have


or if they are more like these


or the ones on GT4 Boosters car.


The guy i spoke to says there were never any original rear splitters for the gen 6 is that also true?

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that car looks real nice! just how id like mine to look when its done.

I did not know you could paint them as i figured the paint would crack with the splitters being rubber and all. Guess its some special rubber paint?

The problem is with splitters in black that they are really hard to see when in the shadow of the car, and look like they are missing. But painted look much better.

Is yours a facelift model or did you do those indicators yourself?

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yes i would not mind seeing those mudguards either, just to see the effect. Poped a pic of mine in photoshop and quickly coloured in the splitters and guards and your right, its much better. Probably get them done when i can get hold of the side skirts and get them all done at the same time. Just missed out on a pair on ebay by £2 :angry: They went for £132.

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I asked that ebay seller if he can make them on demand, he said he could but not at £132. Could be a possable group buy to get him down to that price or lower! Also another guy who sells on ebay does the corner splitter front & rear for 190 odd quid so that would be a full TRD replica kit for £322. Bargin! Will have to write a few e-mails and see if this is possable!

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