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Towing With A 1.8 Avencis


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Had a 1.8 VVTi 2002 Avensic SR for about 9 months (yes, had the engine changed too by local dealer).

Thinking of buying a caravan - will the power/weight of the 1.8 be okay ?

Anyone regularly towing with a 1.8 Avencis ?

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Currently got a 1.8 vvt-i T2 (which I don't tow with).

I used to tow with a 1.8 GS (1998 - pre vvt-i model), and found the car a very capable towcar. I towed an Avondale Perle Ulysses, which was a fairly large van (just undr 5 metres [can't remember the weight though]). Car was stable, had adequate torque, and even fuel consumption was not significantly impacted.

Hopefully someone can give you some specifics on towing with a vvt-i.

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